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A Q&A with Sativa Learning’s Ryan McCreanor

Introducing Sativa Learning, CEO & Founder Ryan McCreanor, studied Biomedical Science in University, Ryan went onto work as a Toxicology Scientist creating testing kits for drugs of abuse. While he loved being part of a team which researched synthetic cannabinoids and the abuse of...


What do you need to know about CBD & novel food regulations?

The Food Standards Agency confirmed in January 2019, that CBD extracts would be listed within the Novel Foods Catalogue. Novel Foods are those which haven’t been widely consumed by people living with the UK or the EU, before May 1997 and therefore don’t have a ‘history of consumption’. Before...


Brexit & medical cannabis

Laws surrounding medical cannabis have begun to change, following the success of those few who are fortunate enough to have a medical cannabis prescription. With a rising interest in the potential of the plant and its ability to treat a range of health conditions, the medical world is beginning...


The need for CBD education

As many people already know, education doesn’t finish when you leave school or university. Education continues throughout life - whether it is learning on the job, or participating in accredited courses to better your career. The CBD and medical cannabis industry have taken off over the past few...


Why do CBD Oil prices vary?

CBD has gained much momentum in recent years. People are using CBD to improve their sense of wellbeing, or in some cases they are giving it a go to reduce pain from a medical condition because quite simply - nothing else is working. If you’ve tried to purchase CBD oil, you’ll see there is a wide...