Introducing Sativa Learning, CEO & Founder Ryan McCreanor, studied Biomedical Science in University, Ryan went onto work as a Toxicology Scientist creating testing kits for drugs of abuse. While he loved being part of a team which researched synthetic cannabinoids and the abuse of prescription and street drugs; he needed to take another path.

After a few years of travelling the world, Ryan landed in Vancouver - where they were beginning to see more and more cannabis dispensaries open up. As the legal market came into place, it was clear Canada didn’t have enough information and education surrounding cannabis; so Ryan began working for the Canadian Government, taking calls from the public and providing education on all things cannabis. Advancing to a position within the training team, Ryan was then responsible for the education and training of Cannabis Consultants for the province's highly anticipated BC Cannabis Stores.

With his passion for drug research reignited; Ryan returned to the UK where he saw the CBD market opening up.

Sativa Learning was developed to provide accredited training into CBD and cannabis, for CBD-shop owners, job-seekers and healthcare professionals alike. As Sativa Learning gets ready to launch in January 2021, Ryan sits down to explain the vision behind the brand, who can benefit from the range of courses and most importantly - why.

Q. What is the vision behind Sativa Learning; where did it come from?

When I started working in Canada, my job was to educate people on cannabis. In a country that has had medical cannabis legalised for so long, there was still a lack of information and education. When I came home, it was very much the same story. I hadn’t realised the CBD market was so big; but I saw many of the same trends and not a lot on offer to help or provide the much needed education.

This is where Sativa Learning came from; I wanted to provide a platform to the masses, with professional educators - for all avenues of the cannabis industry.

Q. How did the first course develop - why this course first?

My mum lives with Fibromyalgia - if anyone knows somebody with the condition, they know it’s hard to watch your loved ones live a lower quality of life. A lot of people living with this condition, or a similar one, find relief from their symptoms with the use of CBD.

I was looking for a quality CBD product for mum, when I was shocked to find so many variations were available. Not only this, but many were selling subpar products and profiting from vulnerable people who are very much in need. Although CBD is a novel food, more than half of the annual sales are to people who use it for symptom relief in one way or another.

It just hammered home that education into CBD and cannabis was desperately needed; that’s why we developed the CBD Industry Professional Course first. The impact of the CBD market has rocketed, but education hasn’t caught up. At Sativa Learning, we truly believe through more education into the CBD industry, we will see improved products, better access to medical cannabis and happier, healthier customers - not to mention healthcare professionals who will be able to provide better advice to their patients on the subject.

Q. The course has been developed with the help of different people; why did Sativa choose to work with these particular individuals?

When I returned home from Canada, I started taking online cannabis courses to further educate myself and learn more about what was happening in the UK. After taking a few courses by Professor Mike Barnes, I got in touch with him to ask his advice on creating my own platform. I was truly inspired to get Sativa Learning in motion.

It was great to hear what he thought and was delighted when he said he agreed to be more involved. As I began to develop the business plan, Mike suggested I also get in touch with Hannah Deacon, who is a well-known medical cannabis advocate.

Working together with Mike and Hannah is a perfect fit; they’re in the industry for the right reasons. We share the same ethos and we want to help the industry grow and develop in the right way.

While writing the course; I realised it would be better to have the final module - which discusses the legalities - approved by a trusted source. I was recommended to speak with Mackrell Solicitors, who had the UK’s first dedicated law department. They’d seen where the industry was heading and took a leap to get there first - I admired this about them, and got in touch. We’re very much aligned on what needs to be within CBD education, and were happy to become part of the team to review and officially approve the legal sections of Sativa Learning courses.

Q. Will the course be more difficult to a CBD-industry newcomer, over a healthcare professional?

If you’re completely new to cannabis or the CBD industry, it’ll probably be more difficult, yes. Even if you believe you have a good understanding of the subjects, there will still be something to learn. Within the course, we deep dive into the cannabis plant’s chemistry and how the phytocannabinoids are able to supplement the body's own endocannabinoid system to offer wide ranging effects on many different symptoms and diseases.

This is why we wanted a healthcare professional, such as Mike Barnes involved. If you’re a CBD-shop owner, looking to be introduced to the industry or a healthcare professional - you will gain new knowledge and understanding of the industry.

By completing the course, you’ll be able to start a new CBD business, get a job which requires you to have an understanding of CBD or talk to your patients about what products will be more suitable for them. At the end of the course; we are sure to cover medical claims and the laws surrounding them so everyone is on the same page as to what they can, and can’t say.

Q. Why did you start Sativa Learning?

I truly believe education should be the focus of the industry right now. The cannabis plant has the power to immensely benefit the world, if used correctly. The plant’s phytochemicals provide unrivalled benefit as a medicine and wellness product while industrial hemp can be used for thousands of industrial applications and is one of the finest crops we know for carbon sequestration. The more you learn about cannabis, the more you understand how it can benefit people’s lives and I want to share that knowledge.

Sativa Learning will help people understand the many different purposes for CBD and cannabis.

Proper education is vital in solving the many problems facing the industry today and to begin to dissolve the stigma which has evolved from a generation of misinformation. What better way to do this, than by bringing cannabis experts together to share their knowledge with us and our learners.

Q. How many more courses can we expect to see in 2021?

We’re currently developing two new courses to release next year. Working with doctors currently prescribing medical cannabis, we are developing a medical cannabis course which will give medical professionals confidence in prescribing cannabis based medical products. We’re also hoping to get that course into universities; there is currently nothing taught to medical students about CBD, medical cannabis or the Endocannabinoid System.

The second course will focus on Industrial Hemp. We will be working with experts in the Industrial Hemp industry to develop a course to educate on the wonders hemp.

As the cannabis industry grows worldwide, the gap in cannabis knowledge grows with it. At Sativa Learning, we are here to bridge that gap.

We are committed to providing entrepreneurs, job-seekers, academics and GPs with the tools needed to cultivate a career in the cannabis industry. Our range of CPD accredited courses are the gold standard in cannabis learning. We have partnered with leading industry experts to bring you comprehensive cannabis education you can trust.

Enrol in your next CPD accredited, CBD course today; or get in touch with us for more information.